Multiplay i34 at Stoneleigh Park

Multiplay i34 at Stoneleigh Park

“i34 is the complete festival of video games, where thousands of players are set to convene at Stoneleigh Park for an unforgettable weekend featuring the largest gathering of gamers ever seen in the UK. For 2,000 of our attendees the weekend will be a non-stop gaming marathon as our 24-hour LAN party expands to a new record size for any UK event.

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Also included at i34 is one of Europe’s largest games and technology exhibitions featuring some of the biggest names in the business and showcasing the bleeding edge of the gaming industry. Get a sneak preview at the video games of tomorrow whilst also trying out what’s hot and the cream of today’s computer and video games technology.  The entire exhibition is interactive and overflowing with competitions and prizes just begging to be won.”

So over the weekend me and Scott (scooter.jay on the fourms) drove up to Stoneleigh Park just outside of Coventry to go to one of the legendary i-series festivals. We arrived, signed in a reception and met up with a couple of friend from the extreme overclocking website, BenchTec. I knew a lot of these guys from online conversations as BenchTec is a website I regularly visit for my more extreme overclocking impulses, although one glance at their forums will show the level of skill of these guys.

We had some food and then went off to set up camp.

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