MSI X38 Platinum Review

MSI X38 Platinum Review

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Today we have a look at the MSI X38 Platinum motherboard. Now, if you’ve been through Mike’s DFI X48 review, you’ll very quickly notice these are two completely different animals. While the DFI seeks to appeal to hardcore overclockers with a hugely complex BIOS, the MSI takes a more simple approach. Let’s have the obligatory introduction to MSI.

A few words from MSI…


Established in August 1986, MSI has always upheld the business philosophy “Award-winning product quality and outstanding customer service.” MSI is a specialist in the design and manufacture of motherboards, add-on cards, servers/workstations, barebones, communication devices and CE Products and Notebooks. Surmounting a challenging industry, we’ve raced to the head of the pack and are now ranked within the world’s top 3 motherboard manufacturers and one of the top 5 server manufacturers. What’s more, MSI graphics card has the most amazing sales performance over the past years, making it to the no. 1 position in the world for four consecutive years. Did you know that one MSI graphics card is sold every 2.8 seconds? So far, there are more than 60 million users worldwide enjoying MSI graphics cards.

MSI are a big player in the global market, so we’re very happy to have the opportunity to look at their products and show them to you.