Crysis Operating System and DirectX Performance

“Will my PC run Crysis?” and “How well?”

What I’m here to do today is to give you an indication of what sort of performance to expect from the different operating systems and DirectX versions, and what you can do to maximize your performance. I’m going to be very careful not to call this a benchmark, because it’s not, for the reason I’ve just mentioned. I’ll get round to the full performance review including our 8800GTX and 2900XT later in the week, once I can prize myself away from the repeated destruction of everything in the demo 😉

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A lot has been made of DirectX10, the visual improvements it brings in relation to the performance hit that is suffered. From the start, I’ve maintained that DirectX10 is not the problem, it’s people’s understanding of it that is wrong. What DirectX10 brings is the ability to enable a number of features, previously unavailable under DX9. The performance hit we see when turning these features on is not DirectX10 working badly, but the added strain that these features put on our graphics cards.

As many of you will know, Crysis is a game that’s been on my radar for a long time. I’ve been keeping an eye on the forums for the last few days to get an idea of the fallout from the demo and any tips and tricks that can improve the experience. One very interesting development has been the discovery that you are able to unlock some of the features previously reserved for the ‘Very High’ DX10 settings, when running the game in DX9 mode whether it is Vista or XP. This was first highlighted by a poster called Gangantou . If you download the patch from FilePlanet , and follow the instructions you get what I’ve called ‘High+’ settings.

Next, we’ll look at the visual differences between ‘Medium’, ‘High’, ‘High+’ and ‘Very High’ under DX9, DX10 and Vista and XP. Unfortunately the 1280×768 resolution wasn’t selectable in XP for some reason

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